Located in the Heart of Davie, Florida our venue is the perfect location for weddings, life celebrations & corporate functions. 

We are consistently praised for our meaningful & unique style that brings tranquility to our clients and their guests. 


A hidden gem that will impress your guests and leave them talking about it for years to come


Connection with 

the Divine and natural elements: 

Fire, Water, Air, Earth


Versatile for different styles: 

Boho, tropical, vintage, 

country, elegant and romantic

Exclusive daily rental

Pet friendly

Photography dream location


Why to Fall in Love with the Sanctuary

Discover The Sanctuary


Living Sculpture Sanctuary is a hidden gem built by hand as the fruition of its founders' dreams. Each one of its features has a very special meaning. We welcome you to discover and connect with them. 

Sanctuary Events


Living Sculpture Sanctuary is a perfect place to host weddings, life celebrations and corporate events. 

Take a peek at some of our amazing parties.

Sanctuary Nursery


The Sanctuary is a Bonsai Center and plant nursery, specializing in Desert Roses. The Nursery at the Sanctuary is a unique environment which focuses on the breeding and production of the world's finest Desert Roses, Tropical Hibiscus, and Bonsais.


What are people saying about us

We got married on January 31, 2020 and we could not have chosen a more beautiful and simply perfect venue, especially since they allow fur babies...my heart was set on it. We were worried about the capacity because we had 124 guests, including us but the venue accommodated and it fit just right. The staff were easygoing with the documents and planning process and also did a sick job on cleaning and decorating. They have done many upgrades and additions to the place, that it looks even more beautiful than when we first saw it in 2018. The only thing that I have decorated was centerpieces because I wanted the venue to present itself and don’t want to take the beauty away from it. Our friends and family did not even know the place existed and it was a hidden surprise for everyone, including ourselves. We highly recommend for all occasions. Thank you Living Sculpture Sanctuary!

-Andrea Auyeung-


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We live in a World that is truly Abundant and the Universe provides amply for Us.

We are living the Life of our Dreams in an easy and relaxed manner in a Healthy and Positive way, in its own perfect time for the highest good of all.