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Healing Falls Esplanade

The Falls


​The Healing Falls Esplanade is a perfect location for an intimate wedding ceremony seating approximately 100 guests.  This area is surrounded by hundred-year-old oak trees, luscious greenery, a trinity of waterfalls, and vibrant wildlife.  In addition, there is a fireplace where fire meets water creating a harmonious environment. This area can also be used for cocktail hour, dance floor, an after-dinner lounge area, a seated dinner area or for a magical photo session.


The Healing Falls are a trinity of waterfalls that symbolize Health, Love, and Abundance, which are necessary attributes for a balanced life. Our waterfalls pour gentle waters into the main lake providing sustenance to fish, turtles, and birds, creating the ideal scenery to enjoy an unforgettable sunset. These falling waters hush the hectic world and focus heart and mind in serenity. Our waterfalls also come with colored LED lights to complement your event’s theme.

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Medieval Wall

The Medieval Moongate Wall is a stunning entry covered by stonework with a vintage flair, which features a classic style Moon Gate leading you into the Sanctuary's Healing Falls Esplanade.


Unconquered  Spirit

One of the most special oaks at the Sanctuary teaches us to be flexible yet rooted to the Earth. With its roots firmly grounded, Unconquered Spirit has been able to survive the strongest winds, growing into a breathtaking cascade over the main Sanctuary lake. Winds whisper through its branches taking thoughts and prayers to Mother Earth.

Unconquered Spirit Wish

Just like a Tree…

We wish you to always be grounded on Mother Nature as with this you will not be swayed away by wrong influences;

We wish you to be flexible like the branches of a tree, yet rooted to successfully overcome and adapt to life’s changes;

We wish you to stand tall with self-love and rejoice in your achievements as by following your inner wisdom and divine guidance you will have no regrets;

We wish you to learn from the past as your most effective teacher~ taking away the lessons and the beauty~ moving forward with confidence in life as your bark grows thicker and wiser;

We wish you to always take time to connect with Mother Nature as all your answers will naturally flow from within~ when you connect with Mother Nature and all living beings, you will never be alone;

We wish you to nourish your body and soul for it to grow the most unique fruits and blooms~ and do not compare yourself with anybody else~ remembering that the most stunning flower does not compare itself to another ~ it just blooms;

We wish you to cultivate kindness and gratitude in your heart as it is your divine right…

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