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The Sanctuary Center


The Sanctuary Center is at the heart of the Sanctuary. From this location, guests can enjoy the charming venue features including orchid covered Oak-trees, calming waterfalls, and luscious vegetation. This area has a covered rustic outdoor space with a new wooden roof with seating capacity for up to 120 guests. This area features Italian ceramic floors that resemble hardwood, fans, organic chandeliers, two Zen decorated unisex bathrooms with granite countertops, and a stunning onyx bar built with hardwood. The onyx bar comprises five imported infinity chandeliers to highlight the organic environment.  The reception area is accentuated by the Japanese style arch bridge that crosses over the Koi ponds, a key feature for a beautiful photo session. In this tranquil environment, you can feel the spirit of the wind breezing through the tree branches.

The Nest

As one of our core features, the Nest has a strong connection with trees, birds and eggs symbology. Just like the birds when selecting a safe and nurturing spot to build their nest, we have selected the second floor of our Sanctuary to create this romantic feature using a floating lounger swing made with organic shapes envisioned by an international designer. Our Nest represents the importance of cooperation, perseverance, and love when building, nurturing, and creating a family. Hard work along with love builds a nest for our Sanctuary couples resulting in the creation of a loving and thriving home.


B L E S S    O U R    N E S T 

Gaia's Root

It is a stunning piece of driftwood treated with teak oil and adorned with colorful phalaenopsis orchids, bromeliads, and air plants. The elements incorporated into this piece create a magnificent arrangement where the texture, color, and rhythm of the wood bark takes center stage.  Take a step back and admire this piece to appreciate a feminine silhouette as its essence.


Koi fish are also known as living jewels. They are carps from Asia which symbolize perseverance, longevity, and good fortune. They are known for their vibrant colors and spiritual symbolism. We have two ponds at the Sanctuary adorned with lucky bamboos, rock waterfalls with bromeliads and orchids. This feature has colored LED lights shining upon the rock waterfalls.