Life’s Journey Trail


Life is a journey and guests can certainly feel that way when they walk through the Circles of Life- Zen moon gates. Our Zen Moon Gates stand for Past, Present, and Future and lead us to an environment where the spiritual journey in communion with Mother Nature is our inspiration, and where the past does not dictate your future~ only you do. In this area, guests can experience several features such as the bonsai display wall, The Tree of One, The Cocoon, Yang’s Memorial and the Cascade of Light. 

Zen Moon Gates: Past, Present and Future

Our Zen Moon Gates are modern styled Moon Gates created with metal arbors. During wedding celebrations, it is said that stepping through the moon gate brings good luck for the newlyweds. Our Zen Moon gates represent Past, Present, and Future.

The Yang Memorial

This special memorial is a constant reminder to always strive to achieve balance in our lives and not to take our loved ones for granted.  Tell them how much you love them at every opportunity - and even when they have passed - this is a constant reminder that they are ever present with you… blessing and protecting you from up above.

The Cocoon

Just like a butterfly, we undergo our own growth: mentally, physically and spiritually. When we align and harmonize our personal development with Mother Nature- the dark times soon disappear - and the light will break into our lives. 

The Cascade of Light

As an ever-present blessing, Light permeates into all of our actions, inspirations, and creations at the Sanctuary especially embodied in "The Cascade of Light".
The Cascade of Light is a divinely guided composition of hand-crafted designer spheres of Light.  

The Tree of One

The Tree of One is a union of hundred-year-old Oak trees who grew up together as a family. They allow us to step into their center becoming One with Mother Nature. This feature has whimsical lights that create a magical backdrop for cocktail hour and wedding ceremonies.