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Life’s Journey Trail


Life is a journey and guests can certainly feel that way when they walk through the Circles of Life- Zen moon gates. Our Zen Moon Gates stand for Past, Present, and Future and lead us to an environment where the spiritual journey in communion with Mother Nature is our inspiration, and where the past does not dictate your future~ only you do. In this area, guests can experience several features such as the bonsai display wall, The Tree of One, The Cocoon, Yang’s Memorial and the Cascade of Light. 

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Zen Moon Gates: Past, Present and Future

Our Zen Moon Gates are modern styled Moon Gates created with metal arbors. A Moon Gate or Pinyin in Chinese is a circular structure, originated as an ancient element of Chinese gardens, which arises from the Earth providing a meaningful passage into a special place, oftentimes a garden. The completeness of the circle represents a powerful path for those who are joined by love and destiny into the cohesiveness of the family. Like the moon rising in the sky, the moon gate rising out of the land represents the cycle of life- and symbolizes Birth and Renewal.  During wedding celebrations, it is said that stepping through the moon gate brings good luck for the newlyweds. Our Zen Moon gates represent Past, Present, and Future.

Past, Present, and Future... who we are.

Our core essence is pure love- however, Past experiences often times leave wounds that must be healed to release us from anger, pain, and confusion. As these wounds are acknowledged and healed through forgiveness and empathy, our Present becomes more fulfilling and nourishing. Only when we are closer to a balanced life, we can discover our innate divine gifts and talents. A healed soul will develop stronger, more nourishing and satisfying relationships with others. The deeper the connection with the divine and Mother Nature, the healthier and more beneficial your relationships with others will be, being those humans, animals or plants.


With a receiving and kind heart reflected on your thoughts, words, actions, and omissions, your Future will become more purposeful and gratifying for the highest good of all. There is no depression on that who has come to terms with the past nor anxiety for the future on that who has done his/her best with a loving heart.

The Yang Memorial

To lose a loved one is one of the worst tragedies a person can endure in this lifetime. The emptiness and heartache left behind by the absence of him or her trigger an indescribable pain within. To imagine the silhouette of that special being present at the places which were frequented together with you, brings a constant sadness to the heart...


Nonetheless, the loss and the feeling of loneliness are made worse by the misunderstanding that surrounds a death. The death of our physical bodies is nothing more than our transition to a more special and transcendental plane where we go back to be directly connected to our divine essence. The more we are connected to our spiritual being - the more we feel the presence of that special being who was called upon to join the Heavens. Even if the body is no longer with us, the spirit of our loved departed ones surrounds us, especially when we are connected to Mother Nature and have been praying and meditating for that special one.


Like Birth, Death is also a main phase of the Cycle of Life. Although it is painful, let’s not forget that death is the passing of our souls into a higher existence. But those souls can and do very often serve as Guardian Angels for their loved ones. 

As some of you know three months ago, we suffered the terrible, sudden and heartbreaking loss of our beloved Yang, the Guardian of the Sanctuary, who went to Heaven at a very young age. His cheerful attitude, loving heart and soulful eyes, are ever present in our souls at his home, the Sanctuary.

We named him Yang- from the Yin and Yang- as it represents the masculine and universal energy perfectly matching Yang’s upbeat and cheerful personality. After his sudden passing, we decided not to bury his body but to plant his body at the place that he loved the most: The Sanctuary. 


This way Yang will grow stronger and happier at the Sanctuary as the Guardian of the Sanctuary. From the ground, his roots are deepening to protect the Sanctuary, and those in it. We decided to plant a beautiful jacaranda tree in his honor with purple blue flowers which will grow as one of the tallest trees at the Sanctuary forest. At the bottom of the memorial, you will find Mexican river rocks and chip marbles creating the Yin and Yang: the balance between masculine and feminine; hot and cold; powerful and weak. 


This special memorial is a constant reminder to always strive to achieve balance in our lives and not to take our loved ones for granted.  Tell them how much you love them at every opportunity - and even when they have passed - this is a constant reminder that they are ever present with you… blessing and protecting you from up above.


The Guardian of the Sanctuary Memorial represents all the unconditional love that surrounds us from all those loved ones who have passed before us and some…way too early. 

May God, Mother Nature and the Universe bless all these Amazing Souls.


The Tree of One

The Tree of One is a union of hundred-year-old Oak trees who grew up together as a family. They allow us to step into their center becoming One with Mother Nature. This feature has whimsical lights that create a magical backdrop for cocktail hour and wedding ceremonies.

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The Cascade of Light

Across the world and through time, Light has been recognized as the quintessential
symbol of Love, Life, Nourishment, Transformation, Rebirth, and Purification.

Only through Light are we able to purify and transform any toxic feelings and habits into
positive ones.

Most of us have challenges to overcome and lessons to learn before stepping into our
higher purpose. Light represents New Life, New Beginning, Rebirth...
Who we were yesterday is not who we are today.

It is time to break free from those negative and toxic cycles some of which have been
instilled from earlier generations...


But if we are attracted to the Light, the time has come ...
the time has come to leave behind all addictions; the time has come to leave behind all
grudges; the time has come to leave behind all self-destructive behavior; the time has
come to leave behind all toxic and abusive relationships; leave behind all greed; the
time has come to leave behind all jealousy and envy; the time has come to leave behind
all depression and self-doubt; the time has come to leave behind all feelings of
victimization and laziness; the time has come to leave behind all hate...

It is time to come back to our true selves ~ to our Light~ that divine Light from which we
all come, and through which we are all connected.
Today is your day~ your new beginning is here...


Look deep into the Light and recognize your true essence in it.
Dear one, always remember who you truly are... You are powerful beyond measure...

You are Light~

As an ever-present blessing, Light permeates into all of our actions, inspirations, and
creations at the Sanctuary. For this reason, a core feature of Life Journey Trail is called: The Cascade of Light.

The Cascade of Life is ~ a divinely guided composition of hand-crafted designer
spheres of Light harmoniously placed, following the Golden Ratio, which sprout
magically from our hundred years old oak tree to cascade onto the Cocoon and Yang’s
Memorial completing the Cycle of Life~
Reminding us that We are all Light~ and We are all One.