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Orchid Forest Stroll

The Orchid Forest path is a leisure stroll amidst nature, surrounded by tropical vegetation and orchids.  This path connects Healing Falls Esplanade with the Sanctuary Center. While on the path, you can view our Rock Zen Garden, Bonsai Display Wall, Reflection Area, and our Zen Moon Gates.



Our Sacred Fire Boulder is a three-thousand-pound pure granite boulder that harmoniously combines the Earth and Fire elements into one magnificent creation.

It is said that Fire is the most fundamental of Earth’s elements, giving rise and transforming all others.  Since ancient times until this day, we sit around the fire gazing into its captivating flames, sharing food, knowledge, and comforting one another at times. The mastery of Fire has helped the advancement of civilization tremendously, providing us with protection from the dangers of darkness and coldness. It also has served as a symbol of passion, decision, and leadership.

When harmoniously summoned, the energy of Fire protects, purifies, creates and transforms lower energies into positives~ bringing light to its whole environment.

As we continue to incorporate the five elements in the development of our Sanctuary, fire has taken a leadership role as the feature for our main entrance and shall be known as the Sacred Fire Boulder, harmoniously converging Earth and Fire into one, majestically guarding our Sanctuary.



Our Bonsai private collection is composed of tropical bonsais such as bougainvilleas, bald cypress, Brazilian rain trees, Puerto Rican Neea, Tamarind, Funkien tea, and Buttonwood among others, some of which have been in training since 1983. Our bonsai display wall comes with soft white LED lights. This area is ideal for portrait photography and for guests to enjoy an up close and personal connection with our fascinating bonsai.

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It is a dry landscape composed of three natural rocks, Japanese lanterns, raked gravel, and Mexican river rocks. The gravel is raked daily following patterns symbolizing ripples of water inducing a state of inner peace and tranquility. This area also includes LED lights.

For us each event is a personal experience and the couples initials are placed on the Zen Garden to celebrated their sacred union.


This area features a harmonious arrangement of polished granite seating grouping surrounding a trinity of naturally carved fountains with ethereal LED light. A river of black rocks is shaped as an hourglass symbolizing the passing of time and the fluidity of life. The surrounding natural material is Spanish rock formations reminding us of the interconnection and balance between the Yin and Yang, with light and dark colors.

For inner growth to take place, we shall go inward... we shall meditate... we shall reflect. Life's challenges are merely lessons from which we shall learn and overcome. The power is within us. Join us going inward to reflect on your true self, on your powerful self, on your beautiful self... With this beautiful energy in mind, we created our Reflection Area.

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