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VIP Zen Lounge

When you are connected to Mother Nature, everything flows. With this mindset, the Sanctuary team has created the Zen Lounge, a bespoken intimate area created with love to promote a balance between body, mind, and spirit. It features natural elements represented in glorious live wood framed mirrors, organic style lighting, stylish furnishings, Bluetooth speaker, private bathroom, and plenty of countertop space. It is tastefully decorated with precious crystals, stones and geodes, starting with a stunning amethyst cathedral as an entrance feature and a symbolic green calcite as a lotus accent, both of which aim to promote feelings of love and joy during your special occasion. This unique area brings the Sanctuary energy into a refreshing air conditioned indoor living space

Featuring Italian ceramic tile resembling hard wood, the floor of the new area has a warmth and natural feel from the moment you walk in. At the entrance threshold, a stunning piece of Amethyst quartz cathedral welcomes you with its vibrant purple colors framed inside a dark wooden niche. It is said that amethyst promotes a sense of tranquility, peace and aid with transmuting low vibrations energies, such as fear and stress, into high vibrations energies, such as love and gratitude.

 All light fixtures have been carefully selected to complement the flow and natural ambience of the Sanctuary. The main area has two bespoken mirror with hand carved walnut roots As the main focus of the room, there is a custom made stainless steel lotus flower beautifully poised over a wall of dark gray slate, providing an elegant contrast playing with colors and textures. 

At the lounge center, there is a special hook displaying a naturally carved green calcite from which the bridal gown is hang magnificent lotus flower with a green calcite in its center.  The Green Calcite is a crystal that has a strong connection with,  the heart chakra fostering feelings of love while encouraging a balanced emotional well being.

Our Zen Lounge comes with its private toilette with plenty of space, featuring a long ways walnut mirror and a stunning piece of petrified wood as its fossil sink installed over an aesthetically pleasing  quartzite used throughout this divine creation .


The lounge has its private veranda overlooking the main lake with its colored LED Fountain of Unity adding on to the relaxing and harmonious atmosphere of this magical space.


We live in a World that is truly Abundant and the Universe provides amply for Us.
We are living the Life of our Dreams in an easy and relaxed manner in a Healthy and Positive way, in its own perfect time for the highest good of all.

Zen Luz

Living Sculpture will Provide


Bottled water & assorted ice teas 24 bottles and some light dry snacks.


Code to be given to Celebrated Party and Planner Day of the wedding.


Code to be given to Celebrated Party and Planner Day of the wedding.


30 minutes at end of event for celebrated couple to remove personal belongings LSS cleaning crew to clean after removal of personal belongings 


No full hair and make up.


No smoking or use of Electronic Cigarettes.


No day before/after storage for Party Items, Clothing, Liquor, etc 

No Pets allowed.

No self service of food or alcoholic beverages.

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