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Living Sculpture Sanctuary


Healing Falls Esplanade

The Healing Falls symbolize Love, Health and Abundance overlooking our main lake. Our recommendation for Ceremony.

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Orchid Forest Sroll

The Orchid Forest is a leisurely stroll path amidst nature, surrounded by native trees with orchids, allowing you to slow down and feel within the peaceful energy. This path connects Healing Falls Esplanade with the Sanctuary Center.

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Life Journey's Trail

An area of compound spaces that symbolize the path through life. A wonderful place to take the time to meditate and have a inner analysis of what you have accomplished so far mentally, physically and spiritually.

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Sanctuary Center

The Sanctuary Center features a variety of oak trees, orchids,  calming waterfalls and luscious vegetation in a tranquil environment that invites guests to feel the spirit of the wind breezing through the tree branches.

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