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Sacred Fire Boulder

Our Sacred Fire Boulder is a three-thousand-pound pure granite boulder that harmoniously combines the Earth and Fire elements into one magnificent creation.

It is said that Fire is the most fundamental of Earth’s elements, giving rise and transforming all others.  Since ancient times until this day, we sit around the fire gazing into its captivating flames, sharing food, knowledge, and comforting one another at times. The mastery of Fire has helped the advancement of civilization tremendously, providing us with protection from the dangers of darkness and coldness. It also has served as a symbol of passion, decision, and leadership.

When harmoniously summoned, the energy of Fire protects, purifies, creates and transforms lower energies into positives~ bringing light to its whole environment.

As we continue to incorporate the five elements in the development of our Sanctuary, fire has taken a leadership role as the feature for our main entrance and shall be known as the Sacred Fire Boulder, harmoniously converging Earth and Fire in one, majestically guarding our Sanctuary.

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