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The Cocoon

Just like a butterfly, we undergo our own growth: mentally, physically and spiritually. When we take the time for introspection, meditation and development, we get rid of what no longer serves us. When we align and harmonize our personal development with Mother Nature- the dark times soon disappear - and the light will break into our lives. As we undergo our own metamorphosis bringing us closer to the light, we fulfill our highest purpose - bringing blessings and happiness to those who encounter us- just like the butterfly.

Reminiscent of the life cycle experienced by a butterfly, we face multiple challenging and difficult stages in life.  But no stage is more meaningful to the creation of a butterfly than that of the Cocoon Stage. During the Cocoon Stage, what appears to be a simple and limited caterpillar undergoes the most iconic and astonishing metamorphosis inside a dark place conducive to nourishment and inner growth.  After having shed what no longer serves her highest purpose, the former caterpillar comes into its new nature, developing vibrantly colorful and powerful wings. By using its mighty wings, this former bottom crawler creature cracks the Cocoon allowing majestic light to flood the Cocoon with light. Uncovering its new essence as a beautiful butterfly, she breaks free from the Cocoon towards the light gracefully soaring in the sky. She is free; she is limitless. Our Cocoon is an organic lounger representing this life change beautifully decorated with silk wisterias and whimsical lights. This is the second feature of the Cycle of Life.

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